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Hot Colors, Dry Garden

Watch for Hot Colors, Dry Garden, Nan's upcoming book on beautiful, colorful, low water gardens to be published by Timber Press in 2014

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Water-Wise Plants for the Southwest

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California Gardener's Guide Volume II

by Nan Sterman

Retail: $24.99
Introductory offer: $22.49

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The ONLY book about low water plants and Mediterranean climate gardening written specifically for California home gardeners

"Smart plants for today's gardener" (Sunset Magazine)
...a California gardening expert who embraces sustainable practices such as designing with drought-tolerant plants...(Pacific Horticulture)

Bye Bye Grass Class

Wondering how to get rid of your lawn and what to put in its place? Bye Bye Grass is the class for you.

Classes are scheduled throughout San Diego. Click to find one near you. Or contact to set a class up in your area.

Great Garden Speakers

Nan Sterman is one of California's leading voices on how to:

  • Create beautiful, low water gardens
  • Create sustainable gardens
  • Grow organic fruits, vegetables, and herbs
  • Remove and replace lawn with beautiful, low water plants

Discover the many ways that Nan helps people create the gardens of their dreams. Click here to read about the sustainable garden Nan created for her own family

Visit the Gardens of Provence and the French Riviera with Nan Sterman

October 10 - 19, 2014: We head to Provence and the French Riviera to explore more than a dozen private and public Mediterranean gardens. From there, we'll ride the train together to Paris where we'll visit one of the world's most famous gardens, Claude Monet's Giverny.

This trip is full but Nan is already planning the next one. If you are interested in upcoming garden tours, please sign up for Nan's newsletter (above)

Nan's tours are designed for people who love gardens and love to garden: professional designers, garden writers and communicators, Master Gardeners, and those for whom gardening is a way of life.

Travelers pose in front of the Buxted Park Hotel, England

© 2013 Nan Sterman

2013 travelers to England enjoyed the beautiful and historic Buxted Park Hotel as a home base as we visited the gardens of Sussex and the Cotswolds

A Growing Passion TV

Season two of A Growing Passion with host Nan Sterman debuts at 8:30 Thursday night, January 23, 2014 on KPBS television in San Diego. This season, shows air Thursdays at 8:30 pm and Saturdays at 1 pm and on line 24/7.

Visit wineries and vineyards, explore the chaparral, discover new models of farming, learn about food justice and more.

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